About Us


People whose job it is to keep the roadways safe have continually searched for better ways to fight snow and ice. First came sand, which adds traction to roads. Then came rock salt, which melts ice but only to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid calcium chloride, sprayed directly on the roads or on rock salt, is powerful, but it corrodes bridges & vehicles and pollutes streams, lakes, and rivers. Now there is Magic Salt.
It was discovered by an Eastern European scientist at a vodka factory. Deep into a Hungarian winter, the chemist noticed a startling sight: The pond behind the distillery — where the sugary, leftover swill from the factory had collected — never froze.The chemist figured out how to turn the distillery mash into a potent syrup that could be used as a potent deicer to thaw icy roads; one which is environmentally and pet friendly. And thus Magic Salt was born.

The sweet and sticky brown syrup is so environmentally safe that it is edible before it is sprayed on rock salt. This sticky coating enhances the efficiency of regular rock salt at reduced quantities. That means less salt is applied and less salt is introduced into the environment. And unlike untreated rock salt, Magic Salt works when the temperature dips below 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

”Basically, it’s rock salt on steroids,”