What Is Magic Salt?


Magic Salt is a highly efficient solid granular deicer. It is effective down to -35°F. You can expect to “burn off” up to 2” of snow will no plowing. Magic Salt also exhibits a residual effect making it last longer than ordinary deicers. Magic Salt effectiveness allows you to use 30%-50% less when compared to Rock Salt. Magic Salt is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about Magic Salt

Magic Salt is safer to use on concrete (even green concrete) and other hardscape products, is less corrosive, and will not harm curbside grassed areas or plants when used as directed.


Magic Salt starts out as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with a liquid, agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride. This patented liquid is trademarked as Magic Minus Zero and dramatically transforms rock salt into a new de-icing material.

Magic Minus Zero is a highly effective de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride and condensed distiller soluables. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.
Magic Salt can be supplied in bulk or can be made on your site by transforming rock salt stockpiles with Magic Minus Zero!



Benefits Of Magic Salt

Magic Salt is regular rock salt that has been treated with the liquid Magic Minus Zero at a rate of 6-8 gallons per ton of rock salt. With a simple motorized pump and tank system, Magic Minus Zero is easily applied to bulk rock salt stockpiles, to transform this corrosive, potentially destructive and inefficient material into Magic Salt.
Magic Salt is a highly effective ice melting product which is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick and environmentally friendly.

Here is a list of Magic Salt features and benefits:

  • Magic Salt is economically superior. Because it works better and lasts longer, less Magic Salt is required to displace an equal amount of ice or snow than with any other ice-melter – at any price.
  • Rock salt applications are reduced by 30% to 50%
  • The need for sand is eliminated.
    Magic Salt works faster and lasts longer at much lower temperatures than ordinary rock salt.
  • Magic Salt has a working temperature of -35°F, whereas regular rock salt is ineffective below 18°F. This is a net 53°degree gain in working temperature, similar to calcium chloride, without the adverse effects.
  • Because of its residual effect, snow and ice will not bond to the pavement. Black ice is virtually eliminated.
    Magic Salt is less corrosive. Unlike plain rock salt or calcium chloride, independent tests show Magic Salt to be completely less corrosive.
  • Magic Salt will not damage steel doors, thresholds, equipment, carpets, flooring or concrete. In fact, it neutralizes rust!
    Magic Salt will not cause concrete to split or any paved surface to degrade in any way.
  • Unlike common deicers, Magic Salt leaves no visible residue.
  • Unlike common deicers, Magic Salt is safe for people to handle.
  • Magic Salt is environmentally friendly, releasing far less chlorides into the environment than common deicers.